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successful Redwood City water heater repair in garage

Redwood City Water Heater Repair & Installation

Our Redwood City plumbing team gets more calls for water heater repair service than any other service, and so we've worked hard to get it down to a science. Typically the types of problems that we see end up requiring the replacement of the entire unit which could have been easily prevented with a yearly maintenance plan. Tanks that aren't well maintained often rust out, suffer electrical element failure or require so many components to be replaced that it is cheaper to purchase a new one.

Stanley Ita secures a 40 gallon Bradford White water heater in a garage in Menlo ParkWater Heater Inspection

Our water heater repair team suggests a semi-annual check be done on every tank style water heater, even if you do it yourself. There are several parts that need to be checked to make sure they are in working order including the thermostat, sacrificial anode, temperature and pressure valve, electrical connections, pipe joints, inlet and outlet lines and gas valves (if necessary). The water heater should also be flushed at least once a year to prevent sediment build-up at the base of the tank. This will keep the heater working more efficiently and stop scale build-up in the interior walls of the tank.

Water Heater Repair

Redwood City water heater repair in progressIf, during the course of a semi-annual inspection, you come across a problem that you are not able to fix, call in our Redwood City plumbers to get an immediate fix. Even the smallest issue with a water heater can have significant repercussions. For instance, if your temperature and pressure valve is malfunctioning it will not properly release excess pressure from the system. While this isn't a problem if everything else is working properly, if the thermostat fails or the heating element (or gas control valve) gets stuck in the on position a potentially deadly situation could result. With no outlet for the excess pressure generated by rapidly boiling water, the water heater tank could explode. Exploding tanks have the potential to take out concrete walls and have been known to rocket upwards of 100 ft from their bases. If you are in the room, or even in the house, when this happens you could be seriously injured.

plumber in Redwood City CA handles water heater maintenanceScheduled Water Heater Maintenance

To make sure you are properly protected from situations like this, it's a good idea to have your water heater professional inspected at least once every few years even if you are confident in your abilities to spot problems. Our highly trained Redwood City plumbing team can diagnose weak areas in a system that you may not be aware of. Give us a call today and get yourself on our preventative maintenance plan, you'll sleep better at night knowing that your system is safe.

New Water Heater Installation

Tanklesss water heaters by AO Smith, ready for installationEven the best water heater on earth isn't designed to last forever. Eventually leaks, sediment buildup, internal rust, or the damage caused by high water pressure will put any water heater out of commission. While we're happy to repair anything wrong with your water heater, eventually it becomes more cost effective for you to replace it.

The good news is that our plumbers have worked with enough water heaters to know which ones will start giving you problems after a few years and which ones will keep running clear past a decade. Whether you want a gas, electric, or tankless water heater, our team has the tools and experience to install the perfect one for your needs. 

Alt TextWe're All About Long-Term Solutions

If you can't tell an American Standard 40 gallon from a Takagi on-demand water heater, that's fine by us. Our team is perfectly capable of explaining all of your options in simple English. 

We don't want you to commit to repairs that will only last for a little while, or invest in a bigger water heater than you need, like some other plumbers might. We would rather do right by you, even if we make less in the short term, because we want to earn your business for life.